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Corn Cutter

The best thing about the EZ Creamer is that it is extremely versatile. Not just a corn creamer tool, this machine will also cut, shell and even shuck corn! The semi-electric EZ Creamer is efficient and quick, making it the most productive and fastest residential corn creamer tool and kernel cutter on the market.  Put up to 40 quarts per day!


Dishwasher Safe Corn Cutter

The EZ Creamer Corn Cutter Tool cleans up with soap and warm water or just slap it in the dishwasher for super-easy clean up.


EZ Creamer Extra Bracket

EZ Creamer Bracket

Here's a great tip:  Get the extra bracket.  First, it is a pain to change from the creamer to the whole kernel assembly tube.

Here's the next great tip: If you want cream style, run the cob through the creamer and then through the whole kernel. 

The creamer really is creamy like canned cream corn.  The whole kernel will add pulp and meat.  Mix the two and you have the same quality as using the back of the knofe with a third of the mess and in a fourth the time!



Corn Creamer






Optional EZ Chopper

Ez Creamer EZ Chopper


The EZ Chopper makes quick work at cutting off the ends of the ears of corn.  It also is good for boned meats, hard fruit and vegetables like apples and rutabega.